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Performance and Delivery Insights

Get ahead of developments in performance and delivery.

Learn how you can better deliver fast, personalized online experiences with research, data, and news straight from our experts.

Performance and Delivery Reports

皇冠体育投注 Discover in-depth reports on performance best practices, peak readiness, security threats, and more.

Performance Visualizations

皇冠体育投注 Akamai monitors global Internet conditions around the clock. With this real-time data, we can identify the cities with the slowest web connections, geographic areas with the most web traffic, and more.

Internet Observatory

Monitoring global Internet conditions

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IPv6 Adoption

See how Akamai monitors Internet connectivity

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Third-Party Script Report

皇冠体育投注 Visualization of 3rd party scripts running on your website.

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Akamai Performance and Delivery in the News

Read the top performance and delivery stories with insights from our experts.


Customize your Akamai experience with tools designed to streamline your workflow.

  • Set Up a Development Environment The Akamai Development Environment comes in the form of a Docker container preloaded with our command line interface (CLI) and many CLI packages and third-party tools like HTTPie, cURL, and Terraform that allow you to automate the management of Akamai services easily. Learn More
  • Update Your Cloudlets with PowerShell For PowerShell-savvy users who wish to complete API-based tasks without worrying about compilation or the more intricate parts of Akamai API authentication. Learn More
  • Akamai CLI The capitaliday.command-line interface (CLI) is a powerful and extensible toolkit that allows you to manage and configure Akamai's platform and various products directly from the command line. Learn More
  • HTTPie HTTPie is a command-line HTTP client that allows you to easily explore APIs before you spend the effort to code a client using a programming language like Python, Ruby, Go, etc. Learn More
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皇冠体育投注 Learn about and navigate ever-changing compliance requirements.