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Akamai Solutions for Hospitality and Travel

皇冠体育投注 Deliver a secure customer experience at scale

Hospitality and travel brands are reimagining how loyalty is recognized, offering greater flexibility in redemption, and increasing personalization. To do that while keeping sensitive information safe and maintaining customer trust — cybersecurity and privacy must be considered a part of the customer experience.

Learn how Akamai solutions can help you enhance customer experiences and keep sensitive information safe from loyalty fraud, account takeover, and other data breaches.

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Balance digital customer experience and cybersecurity

To stay competitive, delight customers, and grow revenue, hospitality and travel brands are building loyalty through consistent and deeply personalized experiences. Akamai can help deliver secure customer experiences at scale. To strike the right balance between digital customer experience and cybersecurity, hundreds of the world’s top Hospitality and Travel sites choose Akamai.

皇冠体育投注 With Akamai, hospitality and travel brands can protect revenue, customer experience, and personal data, enable real-time identity management, and continue to deliver high-quality, always available customer experiences.

“There’s hardly anyone who has the integration of security and web performance as one product. So really this benefit of using Akamai is the connection of the Web Performance part with the Security products.”
— Mike Eisenbach, Product Owner,

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