Hear from Akamai’s industry experts on today’s trends and topics to move your business faster forward.

    • Phishing Factories and Economies: The Real Persistent Threat

      皇冠体育投注Despite years of publicity and millions of dollars in employee training, phishing remains one of the largest insider threats that organizations face. Employees unwittingly give up personal and corporate information to malicious actors every day.

      No longer limiting themselves to email, criminals are exploiting popular social media networks, instant messaging applications, and online file-sharing services. Sadly, criminals will always leverage current events. Akamai’s expert Security Research team has noted dozens of new Coronavirus domains are being deployed each day and we expect this trend to continue.

      Defending against this dangerous attack vector will continue to require insights and modern techniques.

      In this presentation, we will take a deep dive into:

      • The current phishing landscape and what makes these scams so effective
      • Rapidly evolving commercial techniques of attackers to improve operations, distribution and efficiency
      • Zero-day phishing detection and how it helps to fight back and reduce the impact of these scams

      Our presenter is Nick Hawkins, Senior Director of Enterprise Product Management at Akamai Technologies, Asia Pacific.


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    • Business Continuity - what have we learned so far?

      Organizations across the globe have asked their workforce to work from home and have done their best to scale digital transformation on a massive scale. These rapid changes have supported workforce productivity requirements, but unfortunately most have also created an expanded attack surface and unforeseen complexity.

      To adapt to this new normal, organizations must move beyond inherent and static digital trust to adaptive access and threat protection.

      皇冠体育投注This talk covers:

      • Analysis of current business continuity challenges and their impact on your organization
      • A thorough review of use cases and best practices across Asia Pacific and Japan, including the Gaming, Education, Consumer Goods and Airline industries.
      • Practical advice and a reference architecture for quickly enabling business continuity

      皇冠体育投注Our presenter is Nick Hawkins, Senior Director of Enterprise Product Management at Akamai Technologies, Asia Pacific.


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    • Understanding Bots and Their Role in Credential Stuffing

      皇冠体育投注Botnets can be good or bad. Malicious bots could be used to launch a variety of attacks from DDoS to web application attacks to credential stuffing. Good bots, on the other hand, may serve legitimate business functions such as search engine optimization, conversational interfaces and service aggregation. As organizations introduce more automation and APIs into their digital platforms, they need to allow good bots to function while managing the risk associated with malicious bots.

      In this talk, Akamai security strategist Siddharth Deshpande will walk you through the dark web economy for malicious bots used in Credential Stuffing attacks and discuss options for effective Bot Management. He will also explore how some commercialized bot operations masquerade as legitimate businesses and target specific online brands. By better understanding how bots work, and the motivation of bot operators, you’ll be better prepared to thwart bot operators’ fast evolving techniques without affecting user experience for legitimate customers.

      皇冠体育投注Our presenter is Sid Deshpande, Director of Security Strategy for Akamai Technologies in Asia Pacific.


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    • Latest Credential Stuffing Attack Campaigns In Asia Pacific

      皇冠体育投注The wide availability of compromised credentials combined with new sophisticated automated attack techniques have made credential stuffing a risk to many businesses. For your adversaries, it is one of the most lucrative and effective forms of web fraud. For you, these swift and sophisticated attacks could put revenue, productivity, and reputation all at risk.

      皇冠体育投注Learn about recent attack patterns and how to defend against them.

      This talk covers:

      • Anatomy of a credential stuffing attack and the common bot detection challenges that organisations face
      • Current examples of credential stuffing attack campaigns across retail, financial services and other industries in Asia Pacific
      • Web Security Analytics
      • Approaches to mitigating the increasingly sophisticated attack methods

      皇冠体育投注Our presenter is Fernando Serto, Director of Security Technology & Strategy for Akamai Technologies in Asia Pacific.


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    • Third-Party Script Application Security: Intrusion vs. Detection

      皇冠体育投注Credit card skimming has long been a challenge to security teams. From physical devices to online harvesting attacks such as form-jacking and script injection, hackers are continually evolving strategies to stay ahead of web protectors. The most recent and steadily increasing skimming approach takes advantage of partner and supply-chain third-party scripts present in applications. While traditional methods of blocking suspicious intrusion into apps remain valuable, massive breaches and increasing fines make it imperative to act now to prevent personally identifiable information theft.

      Join this talk to understand:

      • The history and scale of Magecart attacks
      • How the rise of third-party scripts can increase vulnerabilities
      • Analysis of script compromises and mitigation approaches
      • Attributes of an effective Magecart protection service
      • Tips for analysing your third-party script situation

      Our presenter is Jason Hatch, Senior Director, Security & Performance Product Management, , Akamai Technologies, APJ.


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    • Customer Identity And Access Management: Deciding Between "Build vs Buy"

      Digital identity and customer profiles are at the center of every company's digital transformation. In today's markets, customer identities and personal data associated with them are among the most critical and valuable assets of any enterprise.

      This talk explores the pros and cons of in-house CIAM solutions versus commercial CIAM solutions - taking into account changing requirements dictated by resource, technology, innovation, customer experience, security compliance and regulations. It features a range of recent CIAM case studies in Asia Pacific, including the Communications & Media, Energy & Utilities and Consumer Electronics industries.

      Our presenters from Akamai Technologies are Manish Upadhaya, Senior Security Specialist and Dawson Sewo, Principal Cloud Security Architect.


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    • Why Put Identity at the Core of Data Privacy

      As consumers adjust to the reality of physical distancing for the foreseeable future, even more consumer facing services will be delivered online. Consumer identities are central to this digital customer journey. Regulators’ privacy approaches in APJ are focused on protecting customer identities while providing a framework for regional economic growth across borders. Ultimately consumer facing businesses, as they prepare for ongoing spikes in online activity, need to exercise great responsibility by protecting customer identities adequately to satisfy regulators and consumers alike.

      皇冠体育投注Join Unmesh Deshmukh and Siddharth Deshpande from Akamai in a freewheeling, informal discussion (no slides!) that brings out some of these key issues and offers some recommendations for a successful CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) strategy.


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    • Decoding Magecart/Web Skimming Attacks in the backdrop of COVID-19

      With most countries in lockdown mode because of COVID-19, our reliance on the internet is stronger than ever before. Unfortunately, the cyberthreat actors are eyeing this sharp growth in online transactions.

      The exposure to compromised websites, including e-commerce, is greater than ever with the uptick in web skimming cases reported in March. Web skimming attacks may worsen as more online services are consumed in the coming months.

      During this webinar we will discuss:

      • Internet and digital ecosystem in the backdrop of COVID-19
      • Cyberthreats – what has changed during COVID-19
      • Growing threats of web skimming/Magecart attacks and targeted industries
      • Magecart attack vectors
      • Attack examples
      • Measures taken in the industry – strengths and weaknesses

      皇冠体育投注Our presenter is Aseem Ahmed, Senior Product Manager, Cloud Security at Akamai Technologies, Asia Pacific.


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    • Live Webinar: Managing Your Web Application Firewall, Your Way

      Live online May 19, 2020

      Presented by
      Pratyush Sinha, Technical Account Manager, Akamai

      About this webinar
      With 178 billion WAF rule triggers every 24 hours, Akamai harnesses unmatched visibility into attacks to deliver curated and highly accurate WAF protections that keep up with the latest threats.

      In this webinar we will be covering Akamai’s flagship security solution - Kona Site Defender (KSD) - and how it protects the apps and APIs of the who’s who of the Internet at the edge. Seamlessly built on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform, Kona Site Defender provides Always-On protection from DDoS and application-layer attacks, with dramatically lower management overhead.

      1. Threat Review and Trends
      2. Overview of Kona Site Defender
      3. Web Security Analytics
      4. Logs & Alerts
      5. Integration & Support

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    • On-demand Webinar: How Criminals Are Playing The Gaming Industry And What You Can Do About It

      Jonathan Singer, Sr. Manager, Global Games Industry, Akamai Technologies
      Scott Adams, Founder and CEO, FraudPVP
      Lonnye Bower, COO, ProbablyMonsters
      Steve Ragan, Sr. Technical Writer, Akamai Technologies
      Dean Takahashi, Lead Gaming Writer, VentureBeat

      View this webinar to learn how to avoid becoming the next victim in online security threats with gaming.

      You’ll learn:
      • How to protect your game and players from a growing amount of online security threats
      • The latest trends in credential abuse and account hacks in gaming
      • How web attacks are evolving and where they are headed in the future
      • How to integrate security best practices with the rest of the game for best performance

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    • On-demand Webinar: Bringing Zero Trust to the Top of the Agenda

      Recorded August 27, 2019

      Presented by:
      Patrick Sullivan, Sr. Director of Global Security Strategy, Akamai Technologies

      Not that long ago, many infosec leaders were asking, "What is zero trust and why should I care?" Today, it's more often, "How do I get my business owners to properly support and resource our transition to a zero trust architecture/posture?"

      Media production, marketing and delivery is a complex journey that requires countless teams, partners and individuals to access resources inside the network. Prevailing perimeter-based solutions are complex, costly and most significantly, put the intellectual property of the company at enormous risk.

      Akamai's Patrick Sullivan has been a security engineer, architect and strategist for more than 12 years working with media companies to implement Zero Trust solutions.

      Watch this OnDemand webinar where Sullivan shares hard won insights for media companies on:
      • Key ways that Zero Trust can simplify infosec implementation
      • Advice on how to assess and audit the security hygiene of key partners
      • And tips on how to communicate security risk, and the rewards of Zero Trust, to business owners

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    • On-demand Webinar - Meeting Growing Expectations for Video Quality

      Recorded August 15, 2019

      Alex Balford, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Akamai Technologies
      Nick Thomas, Associate Director, MTM

      In an increasingly competitive marketplace, premium video providers are looking at various ways to differentiate their OTT services. Options include investing in content, offering aggressive pricing, enhancing the user experience, and focusing on consistent streaming quality.

      皇冠体育投注This webinar, in partnership with MTM Research, reveals what senior executives from a range of premium video distributors say about current trends and dynamics, and explores their views on the importance of video quality to commercial success.

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    • On-demand Webinar: State of the Internet/Security: Web Attacks and Gaming Abuse

      Recorded June 20, 2019

      Martin McKeay, Editorial Director and Security Researcher, Akamai Technologies
      Steve Ragan, Editor, Security Research and Publications, Akamai Technologies
      Patrick Sullivan, Sr. Director of Global Security Strategy, Akamai Technologies

      A Conversation with Security Research Experts

      Akamai security experts recently reviewed 17 months of data on credential stuffing and web application attacks, with a focus on the gaming industry.
      • The attack vector, known for over a decade, that’s in this last study, accounted for nearly ⅔ of web application attacks
      • The two vectors that together accounted for nearly 90% of these attacks
      • The inexpensive tools and resources criminals, some as young as 14, use in credential stuffing attacks on gaming companies
      • The one common factor in all successful credential stuffing attempts
      • Three surprising observations about security professionals that Akamai Chief Marketing Officer Monique Bonner shared with the security team at Akamai

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    • Webinar: Defining Security Posture in a Zero Trust World

      22 May, 2019, Wednesday. 13:00 Singapore time

      Nick Hawkins, Sr. Director, Product Management, Enterprise, Akamai Technologies
      Johnny Yeo, Sr. Enterprise Security Architect, Akamai Technologies

      皇冠体育投注It is generally agreed that there are three key pillars of a zero trust approach - Access, Identity and Posture. In previous webinars we have explored how an identity driven approach can be used with a cloud proxy to better secure access to internal applications. In the first part of this webinar we will dive deeper into the third pillar – posture- understand what it means to a user and their devices and see how it can be integrated into a zero trust architecture. The second part will look at the mitigation aspect of posture. We’ll cover the API attack trends – how attacks are moving from web into API with the explosive growth of apps – and the lifecycle of credential fraud.

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    • Webinar: SOTI/Security: Credential Stuffing: Attacks and Economies

      Thursday, May 30 | 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT

      Patrick Sullivan, Security Technology and Strategy, Sr. Director, Akamai Technologies
      Shane Keats, Director of Global Industry Marketing, Akamai Technologies

      January 2019 saw the public release of a massive collection of private credentials — more than 25 billion email address and password combinations. Though much of the user information was from older data breaches, the audacious data dump reflects the reality that the theft, abuse, and sale of username/password combinations is a thriving criminal business.

      Media organizations, gaming companies, and the entertainment industry are among the biggest targets of credential stuffing attacks. The people behind these attacks realize the value of an account, whether it’s to a streaming site, a game, or someone’s social media account. And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to steal them.

      During this webinar, we’ll share the recent research that digs into this trend, which has significant impacts for gaming, video, and entertainment companies. You’ll learn:
      • Why cheap tools and free tutorials lower the bar of entry for would-be criminals
      • How malicious actors turn data breaches into substantial profits on darknet markets
      • What businesses can do to detect and prevent credential stuffing attacks

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    • Webinar: Security in the Digital Age - Protect new attack surfaces with a Zero Trust approach

      Tue, Apr 16, 2019 06.00 am EDT

      Richard Meeus, Security Technology and Strategy Director, Akamai Technologies
      Andy Crail, Head of Solution Engineering Enterprise Security, Akamai Technologies

      Dr. Thomas Hafen Freelance Journalist for COMPUTERWOCHE

      Cloud computing, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have created a plethora of new attack surfaces. Defending the company’s perimeter does no longer make sense, as users and applications have moved outside, and often are located worldwide.

      In this webinar, we will show you, how to address these new challenges. You will learn, how to secure your IT comprehensively without compromising performance or user experience.

      Find out
      • Why a "trust and verify approach" is no longer an option for IT security.
      • How a Zero Trust security model is therefore essential for successful digital transformation.
      • How Akamai implemented the Zero Trust approach, and what we learned from the process.
      For more information participate in COMPUTERWOCHE Live Webinar Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 11.00 MEZ皇冠体育投注. Also, Richard Meeus and Andy Crail will answer your questions concerning Zero Trust Security during the live webinar.

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    • State of the Internet / Security: DDoS and Application Attacks: On-demand Webinar


      Increase your knowledge of DDoS and application attacks, with insight from Akamai's Security Research and Intelligence experts.

      You’ll hear:
      • Who malicious bot developers are trying to attract to evolve their bot evasion techniques.
      • What mental health issues to monitor on your security team to improve wellness.
      • Why up to 45,000 routers exposed 1.7 million machines to attackers.
      • When a DDoS attack isn’t really an attack, and how Akamai experts dug in and diagnosed the real cause of 4 billion unwanted requests to a site.
      • How our experts used two methodologies to gather insight for the State of the Internet / Security report.

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    • On-Demand Webinar | The Future of Live Streaming

      Recorded January 17, 2019

      For many content providers and rights-holders, live streaming represents an exciting opportunity to connect directly with their target audiences plus drive new revenue streams.

      During this webinar, we discussed topics including the pros and cons of live streaming as compared with broadcasting, how to measure quality of experience and reliability, which business models are being used, current best practices, ongoing challenges, critical initiatives, and much more.

      Hear from Alec Hendry, Senior Director of Technology Convergence for Viacom, Will Richmond, Editor and Publisher at VideoNuze, and Henrik Eriksson, Service Line Manager at Akamai Technologies, for a roundtable discussion covering:
      • The state of live streaming today
      • How to measure quality in live streaming and ensure a positive user experience
      • Successful business models for live streaming
      • Best practices associated with live streaming

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    • How eSports Can Combine Old and New Monetization Models to Reach New Heights


      Money is pouring into eSports with more games, more viewers and more investments coming in. But in order for companies to take advantage of this massive opportunity, they need to go beyond just using legacy sports broadcasting models and innovate to create more compelling and interactive experiences. Watch this webinar to learn about how the current eSports model stacks up against traditional sports and the new technologies that will change the existing business model.

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    • Prepare for Peak—Ensuring the Optimal Holiday Shopping Season

      Recorded on September 6, 2018


      The holiday shopping season is nearly upon us, and each year retailers must ramp up their efforts to ensure a flawless customer experience. With projections suggesting this holiday shopping period will top last year’s traffic and revenue records, ensuring that your business is prepared has never been more important.

      Join Rahul Ghosh, chief strategist of commerce at Akamai and Rick Bazaz, Sr. Engineering Mgr of eCommerce at Dick's Sporting Goods to learn tried and tested practices that have helped retailers meet and even surpass consumer expectations.

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    • On Demand EMEA Webinar: Summer 2018 State of the Internet/Security

      Recorded July 26th, 2018

      Internet security is never static, and attack strategies are becoming more sophisticated than ever. Join Akamai for this webinar about trends, statistics, and real-world stories from our Summer 2018 State of the Internet / Security Report: Web Attacks.

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    • 4 Pillars of Security When Downtime Isn’t an Option and Data Protection Is A Must

      Recorded July 12th, 2018

      Watch Clator Butler, Senior Security Specialist from Akamai Technologies, talk about the four pillars of security critical to the health provider industry as well as hear how others in your industry are aligning this strategy to enhance their security program, manage DDoS mitigation, monitor traffic, stay compliant and move towards a zero trust model.

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    • Maximizing Success for Digital Businesses

      Recorded June 21st, 2018


      皇冠体育投注The cost of switching is low, consumers are transient, and user expectations for how digital experiences should perform have never been higher.

      Watch this webinar, to understand the methodology to overcoming these barriers by continuously improving user experiences through Monitoring the quality of user experiences, Optimizing web & mobile apps, and API performance and Validating the impact of those investments while ensuring you are prepared to meet expectations.

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    • Maintaining availability while under attack - How Whitbread and Costa mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks

      Recorded May 2, 2018

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    • State of Streaming: How OTT Leaders View Quality; Opportunity Shifts to Live/Live Linear

      Recorded April 6, 2018

      View the latest OTT industry webinar now to learn the results of the 2018 “Managing the Service” survey, where leading online video service providers shared how they are planning to address quality, scale, and economics to make OTT a viable replacement for traditional TV.

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    • Webinar: Key Findings from the Ponemon Report: The Cost of Credential Stuffing

      Recorded April 5, 2018

      Credential stuffing has significant challenges for IT and security leaders trying to defend against it: It’s difficult to tell who is accessing your websites using stolen credentials, which in turn makes it problematic to prevent and remediate these attacks.

      皇冠体育投注With the potential loss of millions of dollars at stake, it’s critical to have a smart defensive strategy and proactive response system in place. In this webinar, Dr. Larry Ponemon, founder of Ponemon Institute, discusses the results of a recent survey of more than 550 IT professionals revealing key stats about credential stuffing, including the costs incurred to prevent damage, and the consequences when attackers succeed.

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    • On-Demand Webinar: State of the Internet/Security Report – Q4 2017 Findings (North America)

      Recorded March 29, 2018

      Patrick Sullivan, Senior Director of Security, Akamai
      Martin McKeay, Senior Security Advocate, Akamai

      Attend this webinar and arm yourself with the latest data, analysis, and in-depth research on the ever-changing threat landscape.

      We'll cover:
      • Attacks on Financial Firms
      • The Evolution of Mirai
      • Bot Traffic Analysis
      • Credential Abuse Research
      • Web Application Attack Trends for 2018

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